Motivational Keynote Speaker Marilyn Sherman!

When you bring Marilyn in to speak at your conference, convention, or company meeting, you will love the results! Here are a some of the benefits of a keynote or workshop from Marilyn:

  • Increased: Sales, employee engagement, positive morale
  • Reduced: Stress & conflict
  • More: Results through employee accountability

All delivered in a fun, inspiring way!

What does it mean to be a Front-Row Leadership™ Expert?

As a Front-Row Leadership™ expert, I am tasked with motivating people to get out of their comfort zone, and get a front-row seat in life. Regardless of their title, people can improve their effectiveness as a leader. Too many people lack the confidence or courage to lead effectively and they settle for mediocrity. When people settle for mediocrity it impacts their work, their team, their leadership, their entire lives. That’s where I can help. I provide solutions that inspire people to move out of mediocrity. Think of me as an usher, leading people to their front-row.

I’m obsessed with helping people get a front-row seat in their life, inspiring people to have more courage to be their best self. When people improve who they are and experience more success in their professional and personal lives, they then become more effective leaders. That’s when THEY become ushers, helping others to the front-row, impacting others in a positive way.

Why Me?

For the last 21 years, I’ve partnered with companies and associations delivering motivational keynote presentations. What I offer my clients are dynamic, content-filled programs delivered in a fun way. I have been to those meetings where the speaker may have had great content but they were so boring people left without the inspiration to do anything different. I’ve also seen speakers filled with hype with no take-home value. When people leave my programs, they not only have the tools to be more productive, the techniques to manage change, but they shift to having a more positive, ‘no more excuses’ mindset. Increased sales, better communication, reduced stress, minimized conflict, and a plan to attain goals are just some of the results achieved from past clients. My customers always comment how, unlike other speakers, I invested time and energy to get to know the group ahead of time in order to customize my remarks.

Passion and Purpose

I’m really excited about what I do and would love an opportunity to speak to your group. If you want your audience to walk out feeling like they too can accomplish more in their life and be better leaders, then book me for your next event and see how I can customize my positive message of hope, encouragement, and success. People will walk away, regardless of their title, having the tools to lead with more positive purpose. And, don’t forget, every seat in my audience ends up being a front-row seat!

For booking, please call 913-498-9775 and ask for Sarah Whitten. I can’t wait to see YOU in the front-row!

Motivational Keynote Presentations
You have two options for motivational keynote presentations:
1. Front-Row Leadership™.
We are where we are because of the choices we’ve made up until today. It takes courage to look at where we are vs. where we want to be. I inspire people to make a commitment to be a better version of themselves. I give people actionable steps to live and lead their life in the front-row. When people engage in this process, they exceed their past performance and are in a better position to lead others in a more impactful way. ROI for this keynote: increased accountability for success, decreased obstacles that derail success. This keynote is delivered with a high-energy, engaging style that has audiences laughing and learning how to live and lead from the front-row.

2. Whose Comfort Zone Are You In?
This keynote helps people get out of their comfort zone and live a more impactful life. If we settle for living in a comfort zone, we will eventually be in a rut. It’s time to bust out of that rut and achiever better results. I inspire attendees to develop and act on their own vision, and to make it congruent with their values, as well as the values of your organization. A simple change in their in perspective can often cause a HUGE, positive change in life. Affecting this kind of change is my mission and I welcome the opportunity to share this with your group. ROI for this keynote: A map for creating a vision, stories of hope to overcome obstacles, and strategies to have a more positive attitude while attaining goals.

High-Content Workshop options:
In addition to my motivational keynote presentations, I have three other high-content (yet FUN) workshops to consider.

1. Communicating for Results, from Conflict to Cooperation
This 90-minute program designed to reduce unnecessary conflict in the workplace. Many people do NOT like conflict or confrontation so they don’t handle it very well when it happens. This is a great program to give people the tools to know what to say, when to say it, and how to say it in order to reduce mis-understandings, clarify conflict, confront the bully, and ultimately reduce workplace stress that affects productivity. ROI for this program: Less conflict, more confidence to have courageous conversations, clear strategies for managing confrontation, ultimately more productivity with clarity in communicating.

2. Which V are You? Managing Change with a positive mindset
This workshop is specifically designed for organizations going through some sort of change. When employees hear the news of the change, they default to the behavior of either a Victim, Vacationer, or Volunteer. This program illuminates the consequences of acting like a Victim or Vacationer and shows how powerfully productive it is to embrace being a volunteer. ROI for this workshop: Less gossip around impending change, less stress when confronted with change, more collaborative environment around change, more individual accountability for making any change a success.

3. Front-Row Service™: How to be a Hospitality Fanatic!
This program is all about upping your game when it comes to serving your customers. Every customers wants to be treated like a VIP, and feel like having a front-row seat experience. You will learn how companies go the extra mile when it comes to creative ways to keep customers happy and coming back. You will also hear about the subtle ways employees sabotage your efforts by what they are doing to turn customers aw
ay. ROI for Front-Row Service: Increased customer retention, better customer service scores, confidence in handling upset customers, and increased ideas on wowing your customers.

Can’t decide which program to hire Marilyn Sherman for? No worries!
Many of my customers tell me about specific needs they have for their event. They often choose a combination of what I offer. Let’s discuss what your specific needs are, what you want your audience to take away from a motivational message, and together we can create an unforgettable event. Whatever we decide on, I guarantee you it will be high-energy, filled with ideas to immediately apply, and it will be fun. If you want your leaders to lead more effectively, and your team members to be more empowered to see more results, than a motivational keynote or instructional workshop is the way to go. I can’t wait to partner with you! Call Sarah Whitten today. (913)498-9775.

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